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What Will You Do Today?

Learn Something

Find out more about how our hearts work or what happens when they go wrong.

Get Moving

Get up and get moving. Take part in an activity that gets your heart pumping faster!

Challenge Yourself

What can you do to challenge yourself to look after your heart better?

Not sure where to start?

This week Mark recommends trying these fun activities…
Inside the Circulatory System

Inside the Circulatory System

You’ve learnt about veins and arteries - time to put what you know to the test by drawing! Can you draw a heart, lungs and some veins and arteries onto your very own little changemaker?


We would love to see what you have been learning and doing. Share your pictures, films or ideas with us to show us how brilliantly you have been doing.


You have been invited to visit Professor Coerium’s Heart Emporium. Step inside and help Peri to find his heart again.